Jack Hall's Pecans

Over 50 years of satisfactory service!

Jack Hall’s Pecan Shop

From November to about February, Hall's Pecans shop on U.S. 51 North becomes one of the busiest places in Covington.  This vintage pecan shop stays busy with cracking, shelling and selling the seasonal delights. Pecan-lovers from all over nearby counties line up at their door anxious to create holiday and family favorite recipes with these top-quality pecans.   

Mr. Jack Hall greets the customers heartily as they enter the shop. You don't have to be there very long to find out that this is a popular social spot during pecan season.  On any day you may see customers lingering just to talk about the weather, local gossip, or just life and politics as they sit and sample the delicious pecans and listen to the rhythm of the pecan cracking machines.